Over a cuppa: January 2017

February 10, 2017

‘Over a cuppa’ is about taking time out from the busyness to remember and share the little things and feel-good moments from the every day that brought me a smile. It is also a space for me to record progress on projects or thoughts on what I’m reading, and hit the reset button ready to take on the next month. xo

What. a. start. 2017 is threatening to run away from me already, making reflection and pausing every once in a while all the more important. I have a cuppa (‘Good Morning’ from T2), but frankly, even though the time is only 6.30am, the temperature is warming up the day real fast. Summer in Queensland, folks.

kindle and drink by the pool

Chilling out in the backyard pool

A new job

This month really has been one for fresh starts and new adventures. I started my new job at another university library and I’m loving it. The role is such a good fit for me. I’m looking forward to making a difference and creating an example of how this (brand new) role’s function can work in a library setting. I’m responsible for engaging the different areas of the library service to help understand their business and evidence needed to deliver, coordinating data collection and ensure evidence is used to support ongoing improvement, performance measurement and decision-making. My role also helps to foster the development of an evidence-based practice culture within the library.

In the first few weeks I felt some unexpected feelings and had clarifying thoughts about where I was in my career and how incredibly lost I was last year. This new job has brought together all my professional experience to date, my knowledge and my skills, and feel like they have some purpose now. Also with this, I felt a renewed sense of passion for what I do and the profession which I am a part. I am in.

A new routine

New job, new routine. Coming into 2017, I wanting to keep my morning routine of getting up and writing for an hour. So even though I start work a bit later than I’d like, I feel good knowing that most mornings, I progress whatever writing project I’m working on. I now roughly work 9am to 5pm. My evenings are reserved for exercise and other appointments – Monday: Spanish class; Tuesday: exercise physiologist; Wednesday: meeting or barre class; Thursday: barre class or a 30 minute walk; Friday: rest night. I have also kept a research contract on the side, so most Saturday mornings I do half day’s work before officially going into my weekend. My new routine has meant that I sometimes need to prepare a smoothie and/or lunch the night before, as well as have a few dinners planned when grocery shopping.

work at desk

Saturday mornings.


In preparation for the Inca Trail in April, my husband and I have taken up hiking. (Yes, we’ve both had our leave approved! How amazing!) We’ve hiked from time to time, more so when traveling, but never regularly. I especially, need to build up my hiking fitness and together with my exercise physiologist, progression with the hip and movement functions are going well so far. Can you believe it’s been 18 months since my hip replacement?!

On Australia Day, we headed up to the Glass House Mountains to climb Mt Ngungun. This hike only took us 35 minutes to reach the top, but the ascent was quite steep and I was sucking in the big ones.


Reached the top! (Mt Ngungun, Australia Day)

Last weekend, we did a 13 km hike along the Honey Track, off Mt Nebo Road about 40 minutes away from Brisbane. This one was a toughie! The hike took us nearly 3 1/2 hours, including a break. The temperature was very warm, even though we had tree cover nearly the whole way. We spent the rest of our Sunday hydrating. At least we now have a fair idea of what 13 km feels like. Just need to do that by 3 consecutive days up the Inca Trail!


The Honey Track, Mt Nebo.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy hiking so much and I’m really loving seeing different parts of Queensland this way. We definitely live in a beautiful part of the world!

Thoughts on blogging

In my last post, I reflected on how my new job has made me realise how much I need and want to learn, how much I was ‘absent’ over the past two or so years, as well as how much I have to give to my job and my profession more broadly. I wondered whether to keep this blog going. I had a few reasons for this, mainly that I wanted to simplify my commitments and help myself to focus on my work. But when I raised the decision with my husband, his first reaction was ‘no! what?!’

My husband’s suggestion was to not do away with the blog completely, but just take a step back. Bless him. I can be a bit of an ‘all or nothing’ person, either going hard or doing something properly or don’t do it at all. I see other lifestyle blogs, some are amazing, and I think, what else do I have to give? But I’m not trying to be a full on lifestyle blog. Notebook + Tea is a ‘keeping things real’ blog. Sometimes life happens. Will the world end if I don’t post once or twice a week? Not likely. The biggest reason why I’m here is because I love writing. I love having a digital scrapbook of my thoughts and adventures. I feel even better when someone reaches out to me to let me know I’ve made a difference or helped them think about something differently. That really makes my day!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be returning to my blog plan and remind myself of my ‘why’, my goals and perhaps make a few adjustments.

Posts I’ve loved


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Focus for February = Keeping organised

What I’m looking forward to:


Celebrating a friend’s new job

Catching the first rugby game of the season

Starting to pack for our big trip!

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