Simple joy: free writing

February 15, 2017
writing in chair

The smallest, most simple things in every day life can bring joy. Do you notice them? 

Every now and then, I like to draw and inspire attention to simple joys, pleasures and blessings in every day life. The purpose of this is to take a pause, be mindful and present with what’s happening around me. When I started saying ‘yes’ to these simple joys, I gave myself permission to soak them up and take them in. Because this life can kinda great if you take the time to look around.

My new morning routine sees me up a bit after 6.00am, making a cup of tea before sitting at my desk to work on whatever writing task or project I have for the week. On days when I don’t feel the pressure of a deadline, like this morning, I like to free-write in my journal.

The free-write

A bit like ‘morning pages‘, I’ll write whatever that’s on my mind at the time. Emptying it, so I can move forward with my day with a little more perspective, a little more clarity than I did before. Sometimes I like to pick out a writing prompt. But none ‘spoke’ to me this morning. Instead, I wrote about my coaching session from over the weekend, when my coach and I worked on some strategies for tackling potential challenges on our travels this year.

I love sitting at my reading chair for free-writing. I’m up before my husband, making this time mine. The reading chair is my spot to be comfy, put my legs up and chill out. My time, my way. I set a timer for 15 minutes. If nothing comes to my mind, I sit and wait. I don’t check my phone. I don’t get up to do something else.

After the 15 minutes is finished, I’ll move to my desk to proceed with a writing task. I open the window shutters above my desk and I love how the sun shines through to remind me of a new day. I can make this day whatever I want. I can change whatever I want. I can make a fresh start with whatever I want.

I don’t free-write because I feel I have to. I free-write because I want to. Free-writing is 15 minutes of whatever. Nothing has to be achieved or completed, except sitting in that chair for 15 minutes. I love the simple joy of that ‘whatever’ space. I love the simple joy of being in my reading chair with paper and pen.

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