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October 15, 2017
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In the months leading up to the six month sabbatical, I started to dip into podcasts. Regularly listening to podcasts was a stop-start process of trying to find the most suitable times to listen to them. When I started my job an hour away from home and the campus shuttle bus took over 1 1/2 hours to arrive at the furthest campus, Toowoomba, I was able to use these pockets of transit times to listen to podcasts. 

Some of my most peaceful, mind wandering times on sabbatical were in transit. You couldn’t do much while sitting on a bus, car, train or plane; you’re stuck in a seat for some time. I usually get a bit of motion sickness on a bus, I can’t look down and read a book on a bus, for example. So podcasts became my go-to for making the time productive by learning new topics and about other people’s experiences of self-care, self-improvement, discovery and careers.

There were a few podcasts I started to listen to, then dropped, but here is the list of podcasts I regularly listened to while on sabbatical:

Colorful Eats

This podcast is mainly nutrition related, but also dives into topics on healthy, non-toxic living and emotional well-being. The hosts bring their own experiences into the conversation and provide inspiration and tips based on what has worked or not worked for them. Also being nutritionists, the tips they share are grounded in their professional knowledge.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed so far: Episodes 28 and 29 – Detoxing Your Life; Episode 30 – Stop the Glorification of Busy; Episode 35 – Stress-less Entertaining with Lauren Kelp; Episode 45 – Slowing Down is the New Hustle.

Nourish + Flourish

Nourish + Flourish is also a wellness type podcast that takes a holistic approach covering mind, body and soul. Topics include self-care, finding calm and contentment, creativity, curiosity and happiness.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed so far: Episode 12 – How podcasting has helped us be better people; Episode 14 – What does self-care look like for you?; Episode 19 – Can yoga really make that much of a difference?; Episode 28 – The power of female friendships and how to nurture them.

The Couragemakers

This podcast is simply inspiring. I have enjoyed listening to other people’s stories in becoming themselves, going out to pursue unconventional lives or paths to achieving what they seek in life. The host says it beautifully – “…a weekly podcast for creative and passionate, mission-driven doers, makers and world-shakers designed to inspire and encourage fellow courage makers, and spark a movement of women who are choosing themselves.” From a woman who took a personal sabbatical just to draw, to a mathematician slash comedian, this podcast bares all – the grit, the hurdles and what makes them tick.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed so far: Episode 49 – Quiet Bravery & Conscious Living with Vana Feliciano; Episode 50 – Living a Creative Life & The Power of Making Things with Nicki Rochead; Episode 51 – Getting real about Trailblazing with Katie Snyder; Episode 52 – Combining Passions & Being Excited to Be You with Fran Day.


I’m intrigued by blogs and blogging (one reason why I have a blog) – their potential influence, a way to build community and what blogging can do for the individual. So ProBlogger has become a bit of a staple in my regular podcast listening. I have little interest in monetising Notebook + Tea at this stage but I do enjoy learning about blogging and the incredible world of bloggers. ProBlogger definitely hits the mark for me. This, and the fact the host is Australian, Darren Rowse, I find his style accessible, easy to digest and somewhat familiar. It’s amazing what an Aussie accent can make you  feel while away from home.

All of Darren’s episodes are stand outs, but here are the ones that have helped me the most: Episode 157 – Perfection is a Fairytale – An interview with Brian Fanzo; Episode 158 – How to Get Moving Again When You’re Feeling Stuck; Episode 166 – Editorial Strategy – 11 Factors to Consider When Shaping the Content Strategy for Your Blog; Episode 186 – A Step-By-Step Guide to How I Write a Blog Post.

Straight and Curly

Definitely a favourite podcast of mine, these Aussie women are truly inspiring with what they have achieved. Their podcast is ‘make yourself a cuppa for a chat’ on a variety of topics related to self-improvement. The hosts road test life hacks and report back; discuss their experiences with everyday life challenges and hurdles and share their tips.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed include: Episode 81 – How We Eat; Episode 79 – Life Hack Experiment – Single-tasking; Episode 64 – Decision Fatigue; Episode 63 – Striving vs Life, and plenty more.

For me, listening to podcasts is being mindful and taking control of what I listen to, and not just turning on the radio out of habit. My focus during and now after the sabbatical is to take better care of myself and be inspired by others in how they spend their time doing what matters to them and how they balance different interests and work roles.

Home again, I can fit podcasts into my day on my work commute. When I get into the car, I select a podcast episode that’s between 40 minutes and hour long and off I go. The shorter episodes I can listen to during lunch breaks or pockets of idle time at home in the evenings or weekends.

Do you listen to podcasts? How do you fit them into your day?


P.S. This post’s feature image was taken at the Kerry Cliffs, Ireland. June 2017.

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