Over a cuppa: November 2017

December 3, 2017
coolum beach

‘Over a cuppa’ is about taking time out from the busyness to remember and share the little things and feel-good moments from the every day that brought me a smile. It is also a space for me to record progress on projects or thoughts on what I’m reading, and hit the reset button ready to take on the next month. xo

Summer is finally here. I’ve made iced tea and the cricket is on TV in the living room. There was some chill out time in the pool this morning, catching up on the latest WQ magazine (from Queensland Writers Centre), that arrived earlier this week. The floors are mopped. Bed sheets are changed. My lunches and morning tea are prepped for the week ahead. I’m heading to pilates and stretch classes later this afternoon. All is well at my place.

I am loving this space. This space for thinking, for keeping the house in order, and space to just be.

Over the last month we’ve had visitors from Sweden, I was interviewed for a UK ‘library land’ podcast, we’ve kept up habits, been mindful (for the most part), and I’ve had a birthday!

A day on the Sunshine Coast

Early in November, my husband and I had a travel friend come to stay, a girl from Sweden whom we met while on tour in Peru, April this year. Many of the best parts on the Sunshine Coast are inaccessible unless you have a car, so we took her and a friend up for the day.

First up, soak up some rays at Coolum Beach. Then lunch at the local surf club. In the afternoon, we headed up into the hinterland to hike around Kondalilla Falls, go for a swim and drive through the picturesque town of Montville on the way back home.

coolum beach


kondalilla falls sunshine coast

A big day, but we absolutely loved being back exploring around our home. We covered some of my favourite parts of the Sunshine Coast. A fabulous way to say and feel ‘we’re home!’

Being more mindful

Part of being back at home is about building new habits and being mindful of what I do outside of work. I found myself journaling in my reading chair one evening. No TV. Music playing. No rushing. A little a weird but liberating. I realised something about the often elusive and perhaps mythical concept of ‘work-life balance’. A balance can only be found if the ‘life’ part is filled intentionally. This means that we fill the ‘life’ part with both the things that need to be done and the things we enjoy doing. For me, this is hosting family and friends at our place, barre classes, reading and writing.

There can’t be work and nothingness, the plonking yourself down in front of the TV only to scroll through social media and watch a show you really don’t care about. That’s not a balance. There has to be ‘work’ and ‘life’ for there to be some sort of balance. I have more thoughts on this, but probably best left to another post. 🙂

Coming home, two months on

I’ll admit, the rush and excitement of coming home is wearing off. This is a natural part of the ‘settling back in’ process. I’m okay with this. But I have found bringing my new found confidence and habits into my work life has been more difficult this past month than the previous. I’ve found myself a little unsure. And I’ve noticed self-doubt creeping in. I’m afraid of me and my life going back to the way things were before the sabbatical. Much of my self-worth and identity was tied to my work. But over the last seven months or so, I’ve found something more. I am more than my work.

I need to read some of my sabbatical journal entries again. Go over the lessons I’ve learned, the most important one being ‘I am enough’. I need to remind myself of how far I’ve come and the journey I have been on to reach my next chapter.

My birthday

Sunday birthdays are the best. Seriously. This year I turned 31 and celebrations were simple and low key.

We slept in. Then knocked over a few life admin things before heading out to lunch and our first pub steak since arriving back home. Napped. Watched ‘The Sound of Music’. My mother in law made me a chocolate cake with ‘hundreds & thousands’. I received phone calls from my Dad and sister.

I had a fabulous day. A fabulous weekend, because Saturday was a day at the cricket. The first ‘Ashes’ test.

cricket at gabba stadium

Posts I’ve loved in November

What I’m looking forward to in December: Christmas! And wrapping up one, massive 2017.



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