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January 21, 2018
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This is my space. My little corner of the internet where I can create, share and discover, mainly through writing. I love writing. Notebook + Tea has been an on/off venture for a couple of years or so. The six month traveling sabbatical in 2017 was an opportune time to think about where I wanted to take my writing, whether I’d keep blogging and what steps I’d need to take to keep writing a priority when I settled back in here at home.

I’m a planner. I like to have an idea of direction and focus. Contrary to the belief that having a plan is to take a rigid approach to something, I plan so I can be flexible. A plan acts as a reference point for the bigger picture. A plan is direction, priorities and a scope for what can be reasonably achieved in the time available for a period of time (eg. a year). Blogging is no different to anything else. There is much to share and write about this year. I’ve planned a rough editorial calendar, knowing that ideas and other things will likely pop up that I’d want to process and share.

My blogging plans for 2018 start with why I’m here and why I want to keep blogging. Then, what I have planned for progressing Notebook + Tea and the content I intend to create.

Why I write here at Notebook + Tea

As a creative outlet, Notebook + Tea is a space to practice the writing process. Journaling raw thoughts and ideas is one thing. Turning those into succinct, cohesive and hopefully helpful pieces of writing suitable for readers is another. Identifying key message or topic, brainstorming and organising points into paragraphs, editing, proofreading and making the piece accessible and discoverable, all stages and tasks part of the writing process.

This blog is about telling a story of a 30-something who has a day job/career, a husband and home in Brisbane, Queensland. Through Notebook + Tea, I share insight into what life is like in my part of the world, the challenges, obstacles, wins and discoveries I encounter in achieving a simpler and slower every day. In telling my story and sharing what I know and learn, I hope to help others to find their simple joys in every day, and I guess plainly speaking, just live a chilled out life with intention.

Notebook + Tea is a Brissy girl’s guide to keeping well, living a simpler life and loving every day moments.

It is with this pursuit that I also hope to connect, converse and learn with other bloggers who are seeking similar things from life. I want to share questions and answers, insight and lend each other support. In particular, I don’t know of many bloggers in Queensland or Australia, so if you’re out there, I’d love to hear from you!

How I plan to progress my blogging

As mentioned above, I have a day job. I work full time in a university library, and write a lot as part of my work. But I still love to write about things other than library and information practice, and in forms other than memos, reports, plans, emails or academic journal or industry magazine articles. I like challenging my writing, as much as it is sometimes scary or frustrating. I plan to progress my blogging with small steps and incremental improvements. Every quarter this year I’ll focus on one aspect of the blogging process or area to which I need attend.

The first of these steps is to develop a regular writing habit. This is a smaller amount of time than I’d like, but considering all other things on my plate and to maintain some space in the schedule, it is time nonetheless. In this first quarter, my goal is to write and publish at least one post a fortnight. This goal is realistic and forgiving of the odd slip up in writing routine. Other small steps include not worrying so much about the site stats in the first half of this year, experimenting with different types of content and overcoming procrastination in pushing through the writing process.

What I plan to write about

Just before I arrived home from sabbatical, I wrote about the story I intended to share going forward. The story shares how I make space, keep space and be in the space, processing and experiencing more of life in an intentional and meaningful way. Specifically, I plan to write about and share:

  • More lessons I learned while on sabbatical
  • Best bits of our travel adventures
  • Monthly updates with my ‘Over a cuppa’ series
  • More reading and book reviews
  • Exploration of different concepts and ideas like minimalism and slow living
  • Tips on keeping organised and strategies for preventing over-scheduling

Plus, how I create uncluttered and functional spaces in our home as part of our renovations this year. I love my home. And I love where I live.

If making space for what matters and creating a simpler every day life is in your 2018 plans, then I hope you’ll join me here on Notebook + Tea. More slow, more presence. Less overwhelm. Less busy.

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