I’m a 30-year old tea drinker and aspiring writer from Brisbane, Queensland. I grew up here. I love to travel but I always come home. I’m currently taking a six month, traveling sabbatical with my husband and will arrive back home at the end of September 2017. (Wheeee!)

In 2006, I graduated with a business degree in marketing and public relations. I then pursued going my own way. I travelled and worked abroad for a while before completing a masters degree in library and information science in 2013. Since I was a kid, I have always loved knowledge – generating it, organising it, finding it, sharing it; creating stuff, writing and learning. These days I work in the higher education sector as a coordinator for evidence-based practice in an academic library, and as a research assistant in the field of library and information science.

Over the years I have faced some difficult life circumstances (I lost my Mum in my twenties), and through them all, I’ve come through stronger and more empowered to create a fulfilling career and an everyday life with space to be present and enjoy every moment. I’ve gained perspective of the bigger picture and what it means to take one step at a time. Or in my case, one cup at a time.

I’m passionate about keeping well, finding what really matters and then taking small, mindful steps to achieving goals.

When I’m not working, I love summer mornings at the beach. I believe in taking time to have a sit-down breakfast and a cup of tea. I have a thing for lighthouses. And I can usually be found with a notebook and pen.


More about Notebook + Tea…

In addition to being my little space on the internet, Notebook + Tea aims to help driven women slow down a little, discover what’s important to them and feel inspired and empowered to take steps towards keeping well and achieving personal success in an intentional and informed way.

Here is where I share stories and life tidbits, as well as my ideas, lessons and thoughts on keeping well every day.

Feel free to pop me an email to say ‘G’day’ or ask me a question – alisa [at] notebookandtea.com





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