About Alisa

I’m a 30-something year old tea drinker, wife, librarian and aspiring writer from Brisbane, Queensland.

In November 2014, I lost my Mum. In July 2015, I had a hip replacement. A long await surgery to treat a debilitating hip disorder (Perthes Disease). I married my best mate in July 2016, and returned from a six month traveling sabbatical at the end of September 2017. And, through it all, I’ve come through stronger and more empowered to create a fulfilling career and an everyday life with space to be present and enjoy every moment. I’ve gained perspective of the bigger picture and what it means to take one step at a time. Or in my case, one cup at a time.

When I’m not working, I love summer mornings at the beach. I believe in taking time to have a sit-down breakfast and a cup of tea. I have a thing for lighthouses. And I can usually be found with a notebook and pen.


About Notebook + Tea…

In 2018, I’m aiming for more slow, more presence. More of what matters. Less overwhelm. Less busy. Read more about my blogging plans for 2018 here.

The purpose of Notebook + Tea is to document and share my progress to living a simpler, slower life that is focused on keeping well, making space to do the things I enjoy and loving my home. Notebook + Tea takes a realistic and practical approach to creating simpler, de-cluttered and more meaningful everyday living.

Feel free to pop me an email to say ‘G’day’ or ask me a question – alisa [at] notebookandtea.com


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