Over two years in the making, from April to October 2017, my husband and I are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life in Brisbane and are on a travel sabbatical through South America, UK and Europe.

Lots of learning, discovery, frustrations, break throughs and good times. Follow along with my posts here, and/or catch the action on our joint Instagram account – @clarksontour.

iceland volcano
Life after sabbatical: what’s the story from here?
I’ve placed far too much pressure on this post. My first in a long while, too long a while, I Read more.
Couple travel: a packing list
My husband and I are on a 6 month traveling sabbatical through South America, UK and Europe. We’re coming up Read more.
The Lares Trek
The Lares Trek in Peru was both the hardest thing I’ve done, and the best thing I’ve done in my Read more.
Sabbatical overwhelm
I’m writing this on a Saturday morning. I┬ádid half an hour of yoga earlier. Part of me was screaming, ‘What?! Read more.
What is a sabbatical? And why go?
In three weeks, my husband and I will board a flight bound for South America and our six month sabbatical Read more.
2017, bring it on!
A new year brings optimism, opportunity and a fresh start. I’ve been looking forward to 2017. Excited, yet overwhelmed by Read more.
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